Apocalypticism, Republiconmunism and Race-specific Bio-Weapons

“The hierarchical view of the universe of the Middle Ages had to be overturned to establish the secular human view, with man at the center. Yet this was not enough, as the secular millennialists of France ended up turning on themselves, since the French Revolution was a revolution of the lesser nobility and merchant class. A few decades later, the merchant and money class would become the source of all present ills in Marxism. No longer was it a tyrannical monarchy, but instead the very system the revolutionaries of the previous ages had established: capitalism. To be clear, for Marx capitalism was a necessary stage succeeding feudalism, destined in materialist process to be followed by state communism and finally the “withering away of the state” with total libertarianism. Now go see how many “libertarians” know that real final stage Marxism is full and total libertarianism!”

Jay Dyer

Jay's Analysis

By: Jay

For a long time I’ve held back on my actual thoughts on things, but nowadays I could care less. The actual operation of the entire society has become so absurd, backward, and irrational that it is now comical. For those aware, it is quite evident there is a long term plan to re-engineer and reorganize the western world in particular. The modern world is under the delusion that it has been freed from the prison of “superstition” and “dogma”: Altar and throne have been overthrown and now the “New Man” can arise from the ash heap of millennia of “dark ages” and oppression. Modernity has given us medicine and personal computers, right? Indeed, so onwards towards the great utopia! But is this so?  Why do the day-to-day lives of those of use in modernity seem like everything but the great utopia?  The previous millennia has seen a multitude of millenialist demagogues hellbent…

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