What is Being Hum[e]an

Being Hum[e]an is a blog dedicated to skeptical analysis of academic, political, and, cultural trends from a traditional, Christian theistic, perspective. The author, who moonlights as an academic in the shadow of the educational-industrial complex, believes that today’s allegedly neutral purveyors of knowledge are largely motivated by insidious ideologies, funded by conspiratorial cohorts of the powerful.

The increasing influence of trends disparaging values, morals, and sane ways of living must be questioned by those among us who think on their own, who reject the caviling of brain-dead, effete, aesthetes motivated by nothing but their own ‘drive for endless consumption without consequences, amen!’ Furthermore, these masses and their chosen ideologues are, either sagely, or unwittingly, egging on tendencies in social and critical thought which are ultimately corrosive of human dignity and freedom.

Disdain for scholarship, impatience with data, and the cultivation of emotivist knee-jerk sentimentalism in all matters are being popularised everyday through the untiring twin engines of education and mass media.

If we don’t think for ourselves from this very moment on we’ll find ourselves in the net they have spread for us, and it will have been too late to win the culture war. To that end, I offer this blog to each and every one of you who have discerned the pernicious influences of modern academia and culture in our contemporary world, and greeted its incipient rise with suspicion, and Socratic unbelief.


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